Swedeland Fire Company

Swedeland Fire Co.
609 A Street
King of Prussia
PA 19406
Ph: 610-275-0177

Swedeland Fire Company Apparatus

Current Apparatus

Car 48

  GMC Yukon


 Car 48 is a 2002 GMC Yukon specially equipped for fire command needs. This vehicle is equipped with a Mobile Data Computer(MDC), 800MHZ County Mobile and Portable Radios, 460MHZ Company UHF Mobile and Portable Radios, a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA), an Automated External Defibilater(AED), a Medical Grab Bag, and the Chief Officer\'s turnout gear. This unit is fully outfitted with 360 degree LED Emergency Lighting, Two Sirens, and a Rumbler...

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Ladder 48


 105' Aerial, 1500 GPM Pump, 480 Gallon tank.

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Engine 48

  E-One Cyclone II

 Cyclone II Cab, 1500 GPM Pump, 780 Gallon tank.

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Squad 48

  2006 E-One Cyclone II 2000/750

Cyclone II Cab, 1500 GPM Pump, 750 Gallon tank.

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Utility 48

  Ford F-550/Horton

(Originally Traffic 48) Utility 48 is a 2003 Ford F-550 outfitted by Horton Emergency Vehicles. This unit carries an assortment of firefighting and fire police equipment. This unit is outfitted with two directional arrow sticks, emergency lighting, a siren, and scene lights. This unit carries county and uhf mobile and portable radios. This unit carries fire police equipment as well as SCBA's an assortment of tools, and oil dry. Utility 48 is used for fire police, it is 2nd due on Firefighter Assist and Search Team(FAST) calls, otherwise, it is last out unless specially requested. Photo Credit Mark Walsh-irisheyezphotography.

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